Phoenix Park Home Services will provide you with a fully written report together with photographic evidence to highlight any problematic areas.

Our Park Home Surveys cover the full structure of the home including:

  • Roof. Bargeboards, fascias, gutters soffits and gables.
  • Walls internal and external.
  • High and low level ventilation.
  • Base, chassis, chassis supports and visible load bearing timbers and bearers.
  • Skirt and steps.
  • Floors are also tested where visible and the use of Damp detection equipment is used on all internal walls ceilings and floors.
  • Windows and doors are tested for operation and compliance with British Standard fire escape requirements.

We can advise you on what is required to remedy and problems found and put you in touch with reputable specialists we deal with if required.

Do I need a survey?

Park homes are factory built timber framed buildings supported on a steel chassis and are susceptible to damage due to water ingress, poor DIY and lack of maintenance.

1. Park homes can suffer damage from water ingress caused by a leaking roof windows or general lack of maintenance.

2. Supports and chassis with lack of maintenance can become corroded and in extreme cases are beyond saving making the home unsafe and without any value.

3. Poor DIY and the fitting of incorrect windows and doors can also affect the structure of the home.

See our typical issues found during recent surveys.

We do recommend that you have a full survey to protect your future home and investment. We are happy to discuss any issues or concerns you may have about any existing home or future purchase.


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